Top 10 Most Popular Games in US 2023

Blue Rings

No.1: Minecraft

Build and explore a 3D world, surviving against monsters and crafting structures.

No.2: Grand Theft Auto V

Play as three protagonists in a crime-filled open-world, completing missions and causing chaos.

No.3: Tetris (EA)

Arrange falling blocks into lines to score points in a classic puzzle game.

No.4: Wii Sports

Play virtual versions of tennis, bowling, boxing, golf, and baseball using Wii remote motion controls.

No.5: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Be the last player or team standing by looting, fighting, and surviving on an ever-shrinking island.

No.6: Super Mario Bros

Save the princess by navigating through colorful worlds and defeating enemies in this classic side-scrolling platformer.

No.7: Pokémon Red

Collect and train monsters to battle other trainers and become the Pokémon Champion.

No.8: Mario Kart 8

Race go-karts with popular Nintendo characters while using power-ups to sabotage opponents.

No.9: Wii Fit

Use the Wii Balance Board to exercise and track fitness goals in a fun and interactive way.

No.10: Tetris (Nintendo)

Fit falling blocks together to create lines and clear them from the board in the iconic puzzle game.