Top 10 Most Hated Programming Languages 2023

No.1: Java

criticized for being verbose, with long development times and slow start-up times, making it unsuitable for rapid prototyping.

No.2: PHP

Known for its inconsistent syntax, poor performance, and frequent security issues, which have led to its falling popularity.


Considered outdated and difficult to learn, with a lack of modern features, resulting in a shortage of developers skilled in the language.

No.4: Perl

Often criticized for its complex syntax, poor readability, and its reliance on regular expressions, which can make it difficult to maintain.

No.5: Visual Basic

Seen as an outdated language, lacking modern features and community support, with its primary use being for legacy applications.

No.6: Objective-C

Criticized for its verbosity and difficult learning curve, with the rise of Swift, it is losing popularity among iOS developers.

No.7: Assembly

Known for its complexity and difficulty to write and maintain, with few use cases outside of low-level system programming.

No.8: Delphi

Often seen as a niche language, with limited community support and a lack of modern features, resulting in a decline in popularity.

No.9: VBScript

Criticized for its limited use outside of Windows environments and lack of support for modern web development.

No.10: RPG 

Considered an outdated language with limited career opportunities, primarily used for legacy IBM systems.